Life is fast and complex.

Take a little break on the ADAM & EVE Bench and load some energy, either in a cozy corner of your home or outside at the favorite spot in your garden.





A cherry tree plank with milled seats offers place for three.

Each element is refined to its absolute essentials but at the same time offers space and transparency.





ADAM & EVE is produced in Cherry wood and sits on two puristic and raw steel frames of untreated steel






Dimensions: W120 x H40 x D45 cm



Friends are coming for a visit and you are not prepared ? Hide your stuff and everyday gear in BEI_STEEL.

Store away notebooks and magazines underneath and use a clear surface for some tea and biscuits.




Two separate elements form the construction; a single box with fine veneer on the surface and a puristic, raw steel frame as a base.





Each element is designed to be constructed as simple as possible. BEI_STEEL is refined to its absolute essentials and offers space and transparency at the same time. Its size makes it effortless to move at a moments notice.

To be by your sofa, chair, bed, desk.




BEI_STEEL is produced in either black MDF or Multiplex with American Walnut or Oak veneer as top layer




Dimensions: W90 x H40 x D45 cm



For any occasion use these individually turned & fine crafted bowls, platters, plates & cups. 

Either as singles or sets to present a dish of fruits, salads, snacks - or even as a placement for your keys, phone and wallet.




Each piece is individually paired with wood types such as Walnut, Oak, Ash and Maple. Complimenting each other in different grains and tones, or creating a vast contrast between light and dark.





Dimensions: Varies from each individual piece.







" L I F E     D E P R I V E D     O F     B E A U T Y      I S     N O T      W O R T H Y      C A L L E D      H U M A N  "